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There's Nothing Crazier Than Josh Harris Paying $6 Billion To Let Ron Rivera And Jack Del Rio Run The Show


A month ago, after the first embarrassing loss to the Giants of the season, I wrote the above blog where I suggested Josh Harris needed to get rid of Ron Rivera and Jack Del Rio ASAP, put his nuts on the table, and show the fan base that he will hold people accountable for losing. That he would not accept mediocrity. That this losing bullshit Ron and Jack do will not fly. 

And a month later, nothing has changed.

Honestly, the fact someone could pay $6 billion (I keep thinking it was 7 but it was *only* 6, my bad) for an NFL franchise and trust it in the hands of Ron Rivera and Jack Del Rio is truly stunning. It'd be like buying the world's most expensive mega-yacht and making a blind man the captain.



Look, I get it. It made sense at first. The deal didn't finalize til July, he couldn't clean house when camp had already started. Full understand that. But at this point there is ZERO reason to continue employing Ron and Jack. They are a net-negative to the franchise. They make the players worse. And maybe most importantly, they make us, the fans, angry. Livid. Disgusted. 

Josh Harris was supposed to save us from being the most embarrassing franchise in the league and simply put, he hasn't. He still lets Ron stand there with his arms crossed doing nothing all game, meanwhile Jack's defensive scheme is straight out of 1956. STOP PLAYING SOFT ZONES ON 3RD DOWN DUDE, THEY DON'T WORK. 

The fact we got the piss kicked out of us by the Bears in primetime at home and nothing changed was my line in the sand. And it has only gotten worse. Losing to Tommy Devito and the loser Giants yesterday was humiliating. The team was unprepared and sloppy as hell. And to me, it all boils down to coaching. Having two dinosaurs calling the shots will not work in 2023. Here's the best analogy I can make: You can take the best hockey goalie from 1960 and put him in a time machine to 2023, and he'd be completely useless. Because back in 1960, goalies just stood there, didn't use the butterfly, nothing. And that's what Ron and Jack are- two goalies from 1960 who are taking 100 MPH slapshots to the head, and they won't adapt to the times at all. So no matter how much talent the team has, it doesn't matter because you have this guy trying to stop the pucks

B Bennett. Getty Images.


I typed in "NHL 1960" into Getty and that is the best picture that personifies Ron on the sideline.


Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.
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Just completely lost.

I'll end this blog by saying this- I trust Josh Harris didn't pay $6 billion for this team without a plan. I trust there is a 0.0% chance Ron or Jack come back next season. I think it's lunacy they are still here because they are hurting the team the longer they stay, but I get this is just a wasted year. I wish we let some young guys take the reigns, and let Bieniemy try his hand at the head coaching position. And for the love of god, fix the fucking stadium!!!