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I Love This Pump Fake Jerry Jeudy Pulled Off That Confused The Hell Out Of The Vikings Defender


It's 12:28 and I'm delirious, pumped full of antibiotics, and my eyes are on fire from staring at 4 different screens all day, but god damn if I don't love this move Jerry Jeudy did right there. I don't think there's a single thing the Vikings defender could do differently. It's like when you pump fake a dog with a tennis ball, obviously he's going to go running for it. Same thing here. It took the Vikings bro so off-guard he had no choice, his brain had to jump for the ball. You're just wired that way. If someone pretends to throw a ball, you're going to follow it, especially when you've been playing football your entire life. So it's not his fault, that's just Pavlov at its finest.

If there's two things that need to catch on more in the NFL, it's plays like that and rubgy/lateral/hook n ladder type plays. Ever since I was a wee lad, I've often wondered why the NFL game in particular isn't more three dimensional like rugby. I know the defenders are too big, too fast, too smart, but there's still room for designed plays that incorporate laterals. I think in the next 3 years we will see more innovative calls like that.

As for Jeudy's play, I hope we see more just because it's awesome. 

Ok bed time. Thanksgiving week is here thank god. I'm gonna get so much fatter than I already am.