Bad Beat: Lakers Fan Shoots Half Court Shot To Win $55,000, Probably Tears His ACL In The Process

Just a horrible beat here in another example of normal people tearing their ACL trying to be athletic. Hilarious the Lakers host was just like "Alright, we're going to give you a chance from the 3 point line instead!" as he's laying there wondering where it all went wrong. It's easy to make a Dave Portnoy joke here, considering he had the best half court shot of all time on a broken shoulder:

RIPIP to Dave Portnoy Show by the way. Nearly shed a tear embedding that tweet. Anyway, I think the Lakers should give the guy the prize regardless, mainly because we're the Lakers and a top class organization who hates to see that for one of our fans. If this guy is flopping, then he's a genius because there's no way we didn't at least upgrade the man's seats. All Dave got was a bunch of tweets calling him an unathletic dweeb (he was good at baseball, read about it) and him having to defend himself on his broken shoulder. Jeanie Buss has got our guy Anthony. I know it.

Underrated part of that video is that live streamer N3ON and his girlfriend who won't sleep with him because she's "celibate" that I blogged about a few weeks ago sitting courtside and her seemingly being the only one concerned for the fan:


Prayers up to Anthony on a speedy recovery (or settlement).