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"System Quarterback, Right?" - George Kittle and the Niners Now Just Get To Laugh At Brock Purdy's Silenced Critics With How Good He's Become

Ezra Shaw. Getty Images.

This likely pains you to hear but Brock Purdy is fucking awesome. I wrote a blog about five weeks ago laughing at the 'System QB' notion and calling him a legitimate MVP candidate. Purdy of course followed that up with the worst three game stretch of his NFL career. The universe works in hilarious ways. Turns out that 3 game slide also coincided with Deebo Samuel and Trent Williams being out. You lose two of your best players and shit goes array. Makes sense, but don't tell that to the Purdy haters. They were ready to throw Sam Darnold into the ring. SAM DARNOLD. It's insane how short the leash Purdy has with some of these mouth breathers. 

Well Purdy's two games following the bye have been other worldly. How's 40-51, 629 yards, 6 touchdowns, 0 turnovers? Yesterday he posted the first Niners perfect passer rating since Joe Montana in 1989. 

Haters will say Purdy has it easy just dumping off to Deebo and CMC, letting them take it the rest of the way. Not sure you see system quarterbacks making these kind of throws. This one below is a gorgeous football pass. 

Purdy's teammates had enough of the narrative after the game. 

Don't try and tell me you plug in any QB and they put up anything close to these numbers. 

I suppose those play. Purdy currently sits 6th in MVP odds at +1800. Certainly a long shot with guys like Lamar, Mahomes, and Hurts ahead of him, but as long as their core remains intact he's going to have crazy good numbers when this season is finished. MVP or not, Brock is legit and will have the Niners in prime position to win the Super Bowl this year. Eagles, Chiefs, and Ravens are great, but man you watch the Niners play football when they're all out there and it's a different sport when they're humming. Simply a terrifying football team. 

P.S. Really helps when you can get away with paying your very good quarterback less than a million dollars. It's honestly a cheat code. More teams should draft QBs in the last round and just pray they turn into Tom Brady. Seems like a missed opportunity to at least not try considering what the reward is.