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What A Sendoff To The Pac-12 From This Oregon State Fan Who Was Taking A Leak In The Middle Of The Stadium

What a video coming out of Corvallis Saturday night. Let me begin by saying what everyone else is thinking: what a healthy stream from that old fella who had absolutely no clue where he was but was putting on the performance of a lifetime in the cold. While it may have been the last game of the season at Reser Stadium and was met with a crushing loss to still-undefeated Washington 22-20, it was quite the fitting sendoff to the Pac-12 from this Beaver. 

It took me a few watches to figure out what was going on and realized there was a table in the middle to a bunch of unsuspecting fans who probably just thought they were getting some of that pure Oregon rain shower. Tough scene. Some of the Oregon State fans in the comments are hailing this man as a hero and say that Reser Stadium which just got renovated is beautiful, yet it sometimes takes more than half a quarter to go through the bathroom line. Maybe this fella just couldn't miss the action? It's worth hearing out.

Shoutout to this woman who was likely the only person who told the other woman who was getting a shower of beer urine on her for thirty seconds too long:

Not all heroes wear capes. Just another Saturday in college football.