Najee Harris Alluded That His Teammates Do Not Put The Team First

This is a Steelers team that is 6-4. They shouldn't be but the attitude after a game like this shows that the locker is in absolute shambles. I think Najee Harris is frustrated that he's has had a lot of carries taken away from him from Warren but how stupid is this answer? If you are too lazy to watch the clip the reporter asked him if his teammates are a put the team first kind of players. All he had to say was yes of course the main goal is to win and we are all on the same page on doing that. I don't care how frustrated you are now, you have to deal with your teammates seeing this and you are having a good season so far. 

I guess I get some of the frustration because their offense is one of the worst to watch. Scoring 10 points a week even if you are winning can definitely get frustrating but you need to keep it together in the postgame. Also the funniest part of the video is the PR lady in the back screaming we need to go back to Pittsburgh right after he made that dumb comment. If anything he is not a team first guy and it shows completely here because he is upset Warren is just better than him.