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Finally Zach Wilson Is Benched During Game Against Bills

Dustin Satloff. Getty Images.

Is the nightmare over? Does this mean Trevor Siemian will start next week? Do we really never have to see Zach Wilson play quarterback for the Jets anymore? I've been tortured so much by this man every Fall Sunday for three years that I wonder if I'll miss the pain.

This has been a dreadful game by Zach Wilson (7/15, 81 passing yards, TD, INT) in a dreadful season by Zach Wilson (6 TD, 7 INT) in Zach Wilson's dreadful career (soon to be a 11-20 record, under 6000 passing yards in 31 starts).He has single-handedly taken a team with an elite defense these past two seasons and led them to where they were never close to the playoffs.

The problem here is that they took way too long to make a move.

Aaron Rodgers' season was over before that Monday Night Football game he started against the Bills ended. They Jets had plenty of time to make a move and the Joe Douglas/Robert Saleh brain trust just sat on their hands. This should cost both of them their jobs. They did build a great defense but as The Sopranos taught us more is lost by indecision than wrong decisions. Why were the Vikings able to make a move for Josh Dobbs right after Kirk Cousins went down while the Jets sat there for weeks with their dicks in their hands?

I'll never understand this. It's not a new development that Zach Wilson sucks at playing NFL football. He sucked in 2021. He sucked in 2022. They went out and traded for Aaron Rodgers BECAUSE Zach Wilson sucks. He's never going to be good. He's always going to suck. Why does every Jets fan understand this before the people who run the team do?

So what now? For all the talk of how the Giants are so shitty, only one game separates them and the Jets. It's another wasted and lousy year for the Jets. They aren't making the playoffs. They should tell Aaron Rodgers to just rest up and get ready for next season. The Jets are now going to be 4-6. The offensive line is either hurt or bad or both. 

It's a shame that Rodgers got hurt and it changed the entire season. But it's a bigger shame it took until the second half of a blowout against the Bills in Week 11 for Zach Wilson to end up on the bench.