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An Actual 300 Yard Passing Game? A Game Winning Drive? Jordan Love Continues To Get Better And It's Beautiful To See

Patrick McDermott. Getty Images.

Well would ya look at that, Jordan Love continues to show legitimate signs of life. Today he produced not one, but two go-ahead touchdown drives in the second half. He provided Green Bay with their first 300 yard passing game since 2021. Love fully out-played Justin Herbert on Sunday. 

Not too bad.

Even more impressive? Love found a way to get Christian Watson involved. Nice to see that guy is still a real life person.

The Doubs TD drive was something we hadn't seen from Love. Game on the line, needing a score, delivered. Not forcing it, not panicking. Just being calm, cool, and collected in the moment. We call that progress!

This catch below was legit. That's WR1 Romeo Doubs to you. Go up and get it. 

Love made plays all day, but those two drives I just mentioned he was big time. 

Now yes, this is the Chargers inept defense he did this against. They are fucking abysmal. You want a career day? Make sure they're on your schedule. Fair enough, but Love also did this with one healthy running back for most of the way after Jones and Wilson went down. Factor in AJ Dillon is rather useless and yeah Love was throwing against a defense that knew it was coming and he still was able to thrive. 


I don't even care about the win. In all honesty they should have lost on this play. 

Victory Mondays are always fun, but all that matters is that Jordan Love looks better and better each week. He's going out there appearing confident and comfortable right now. A month ago Love's future with the team was in serious doubt based on what we were seeing. He was regressing. But if he keeps this up he's going to be here a long time. Keep in mind he's dealing with the youngest offensive weapons in the league and a defensive coordinator who has no idea what he's doing. Expecting Gute to help out his QB is asking too much. That being said there's a bond being formed with Doubs, Reed, Wicks and Musgrave. We're seeing pieces grow who can absolutely be built around. 

Current meter of whether Love is the guy or not: 5/10 (last week was 4/10) 

Current view of Aaron Rodgers' comps:

Coo, so there's still hope he's a first ballot NFL HOF.

P.S. Still, fire Joe Barry. He will never be the answer. 

P.P.S. The Chargers keeping Brandon Staley employed as each week passes is truly something to marvel at. Herbert definitely has to shoulder some of the blame, but my god do they need a change in leadership.