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There's No Hot Water For The Commanders or Giants To Shower At FedEx Field



This is the poverty franchise I root for! I mean, it's so bad. We got Dan Snyder out and nottttt a whole lot has changed. I get it, it'll take time, the deal only closed in July, but my god, what an embarrassment. Pathetic showing on the field, off the field, everywhere. The fact Josh Harris paid 7 BILLION DOLLARS for the Commanders and lets Ron Rivera and Jack Del Rio run the show is mind blowing. The fact he has no hot water is mind blowing. All of it, none of it makes a lick of sense.

And now we get to play Dallas in 4 fucking days. I refuse to let old morons Ron and Jack ruin my Thanksgiving. I mean they're gonna, but I am trying not to let them. This is all fucked. Fire them right now. My god.