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Quentin Johnston Does Not Know How To Catch A Football

Ill qualify this blog with the obvious: Johnston's drops were a big concern for him coming out of college. All the outlets talked about it as arguably his only downside BUT most people agreed that it was something that was very fixable at the next level. Not to mention, the quality of ball he would be getting from an NFL QB would be better than Noodle Arm Duggan. 

Most of this season I've been asked why he hasn't been a big part of the offense and my answers been the same. He's young, doesn't have the trust of Herbert yet and, yes, he struggles with drops. I incorrectly assumed that throughout this season it would be something that was fixed through experience, especially when Mike Williams and Palmer both went down. 

Well, I was wrong. All the Johnston optimists were dead fucking wrong. All this dude does is drop footballs. Every time he is even a little bit contested, drop. Wide open? Drop. Even his receptions look PAINFUL. He caught his first TD last week on a wide open pass directly at the center of his chest that he, for some reason, jumped up in the air to get. I tweeted it earlier but he needs to take the season off and just do the jugs machine from 9-5 next until next summer if he wants to earn even a LICK of trust from Herbert. 

As much as I would love to blame this loss on him for dropping this touchdown (he had at least one more drop by my count as well), it wasn't. WRs dropped 7 passes (4 on third down, 3 for TDs), Ekeler fumbled in the redzone and, as usual, defensive guru Brandon Staley allowed the opposing QB to set all of their season/career highs against his defense. AND, as usual, Herbert was spotless with 333 total yards/2 TDS. Dean Spanos, please, it's time....