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The Giants Have No Idea How To Tank Correctly And They Need To Be Rewarded For Having Some Pride

That's it. The Giants refuse to tank. It doesn't matter that Tommy DeVito lives at home, has his mom cook for him. It doesn't matter injuries or a shitty offensive line. It doesn't even matter that there was a skirmish right before half. The Giants just beat the Commanders every single time. Kinda wish we played them all the time: 

That's now 8-2-1 vs Washington. In fact, I'd argue the Giants came close to even resembling a real NFL team today. Sure, there was plenty of stupid, but that's expected. They forced a bunch of turnovers and actually showed pride. That's why we need the NFL gods to reward us. I'm sitting here watching CJ Stroud live up to the hype and even more (despite the 3 turnovers today) after the Texans refused to tank in the final game last year. I'm sitting here watching the Giants finally score in the first half and run real football plays. Something I couldn't say all year.

So all I'm asking is this:

1. Give us the good quarterback in the draft

2. Make Washington keep Ron Rivera and Jack Del Rio

We deserve that. At the minimum we deserve one of them. I know we can at least beat Washington with those two there and that's always fun, but after seeing Tommy DeVito toss not 1, not 2 but 3 touchdown passes? History baby. 

I know it's impossible to tank in football, but I need it to happen. Next week's game is massive. Can't beat the Commanders and Patriots when in the middle of a tank. Again, it's time to be rewarded. It's all I want now.