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CJ Stroud Got Bailed Out By His Defense After He Threw 3 Interceptions, But People Will Still Crown Him MVP

The fans of the NFL are just so quick to crown people as the best QB. CJ Stroud is an amazing quarterback I think that he is showing how he will have a very long career in the NFL. After the 1st half we have people saying that he should be the MVP. 

His defense bailed him out of this game because two of his interceptions were in the red zone and made rookie mistakes like he will all year. I have no problem with him but I have morons on picks central telling me they would rather him this year then Josh Allen. Josh Allen has the best stats in all of football but just because he has the most interceptions people freak out. It is just a reactionary league and some people get more excuses then others. They won't say shit that he had a bad game because they still won and it was because the Cardinals are dog shit and the Texans defense is great. I wish I could just like him and root for him because the fact he has the Texans in a playoff position and a winning record is incredible. Give him the Rookie of the year and we can talk about MVP next year.