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Jack Del Rio Should Be Fired At Halftime Along With Ron "Statue" Rivera



That could be the most embarrassing coaching performance I've ever seen. Letting Tommy fucking DeVito look like Joe Montana out there, Jack Del Rio with his defensive scheme that has literally never worked, and Ron standing there on the sideline with his arms crossed like a fucking statue. I've shouted it for the last 10 weeks, JDR and Ron are so bad at their jobs, it is inexcusable that they get to stand on the sidelines and cosplay as coaches in this league. 

Every week I call into the JP Finlay and BMitch show and every week I'm 100% correct about how pathetic and miserable Jack and Ron are. We are currently losing 14-9 to the Giants AND OH MY GOD PRINGLE JUST FUMBLED THE FUCKING KICKOFF RETURN. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS TEAM DOING I AM GOING TO LOSE MY SHIT MORE THAN I'VE LOST IT ALL DAY…

I just can't comprehend how they are still coaching. It's borderline illegal. Thank god for Sam Howell.



And we have Dallas in 4 days. Pray for me.