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The Deion Sanders "Prime Time". The Cam Newton "Superman". The Victor Cruz "Salsa". GRONK SPIKE. And now the Tommy DeVito "Mama Mia" joins those NFL icons in the Touchdown Celly Hall of Fame.

I know Giants fans are supposed to be hoping their current quarterback plays bad enough to ensure they get a future franchise quarterback at the number 1 pick. Tommy DeVito also made me question whether the NFL should outlaw the forward pass because of how much of an advantage the Giants appeared to operating at when they put up -9 (NEGATIVE NINE) passing yards in a league where you can fall into 200 yards passing by mistake. But I don't know what the point is of following sports if you can't enjoy a mamaluke like Tommy DeVito throwing a touchdown to Saquon Barkley against a division rival and pinching his fingers to the sky.ย 

Again, I understand how ugly the Tommy DeVito Era has been and how ugly Giants fans will get if their team picks up a few meaningless wins by a QB who lives at home with his parents. But if rooting for a fellow paisan that seriously answers questions like this is wrong, I don't want to be right.

P.S. The Giants scored another touchdown as I was writing this and I am equally parts scared Tommy DeVito is going to lead the Giants out of the number 1 pick as I am hyped he is going to lead them to the playoffs.

P.P.S. I'll give Tommy DeVito and the GOD AWFUL Commanders coaching a good amount of credit to the start of this game, but I'm also giving myself and Eddie a sliver of credit for rocking hard hats across the country for a couple of shitty teams that are showing more fight than they have in weeks.