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Streamer Pokimane Is Under Fire For Creating A Cookie Brand That Were Just Relabelled At A 300% Markup And Then Called Her Fans Who Couldn't Afford Them "Broke Boys"

I've been trying to avoid the drama that has been taking over the streamer world for a few days now, mainly because there's no way to blog about this in a concise way that doesn't involve explaining who these random characters are. But I'll try. Streamers and influencers releasing products trying to hit big on a brand a la that one energy drink from one of those Paul brothers that was a massive success is nothing new. So Pokimane is one of the biggest streamers on the planet and has created an army of online simps who are ready to defend her honor at any moment's notice. Last week, she released a cookie brand that aimed to "level up your snack game". The problem? 

It was just a relabelled cookie selling at a 300% markup. Pokimane's response to the horrifying allegations:

While the ingredients list may look similar, trust me when I tell you this is nothing of the same product! Honestly, I'm on Poki's side here. Nothing like a good Notes app apology. Everyone knows anything you do is immediately forgiven if you just put it in a Notes app. 

If it ended there for Poki, then everyone forgets about this in a few weeks, the simps will probably still buy the cookies, and the world will keep spinning. But while the Notes app strategy was a masterclass in itself, going on your stream to thousands of viewers and calling them broke boys if they can't afford the $28 cookies is not:

The countdown to the next Notes app apology begins!