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Dumping Them Out: College Football Edition

Welcome back to another episode of Dumping Them Out. Once again I'm up against the clock. My parents are coming into town today. I thought they were getting here at 3pm. Turns out it's more like 1pm. So I have one hour to get as many takes + Boob GIFs of as possible. Let's go with generic college football takes today.

Here's one not very original college football take I've had for years. School's fire their football coaches way too often. For example, I think Texas A&M should have kept Jimbo Fisher. I know he's mostly underachieved, but Texas A&M was still ranked every year. Honestly, it seems to me that Texas A&M has been exactly what they should be ever since he started coaching. Johnny Manziel was lighting in a bottle. They aren't going to have that every year. Jimbo would pull in strong recruiting classes. They're always in the mix halfway through the season (kinda). Especially now that the playoff is expanding to 12 teams. Are there are even 12 college football coaches better than him? I'm not sure there are. There's a lot of people who want James Franklin fired at Penn State too. That would be insane to me. Penn State is exactly where they should be every year. And if you keep hanging around there, eventually you're going to break through. And I'm sorry, but they're not just going to all of the sudden jump Ohio State or Michigan because of a new coach. They're going to be a favorite to make the 12 team playoffs every year if they just keep what they have right now.

NOTE: If Texas A&M can get Dabo Swinney, I'll take back what I said. That actually might be a possibility based on Dabo's answer to this question.

If I'm a Clemson fan, I'm worried about that answer. Remember that Tyler from Spartanburg guy who roasted Dabo for 3 minutes on the radio? I loved Tyler from Spartanburg at the time, because I've long hated Dabo. But in reality it's insane for any Clemson fan to say anything bad about him. He took them from nothing and made them into a powerhouse. I'd like to see Dabo Swinney leave for Texas A&M and take a shot at Tyler from Spartanburg on the way out the door. That would be funny.

College Football Playoff Take: The 12 team college football playoff is going to make the sport so much better. I hate the take that expanding the playoffs is going to make regular season games less meaningful. For one, seeding is still fucking huge. The difference between playing a 1 loss SEC team, or a 1 loss ACC team is enormous. And for two, consider an end of the season matchup between a 13th ranked team and a 15th ranked team. That's going to be an enormous game. As it is now, nobody would care about that matchup. Next year it will mean everything. Think about a team like Arizona this year. They're ranked 17th and just beat the shit out of Utah. I don't know if they'd actually make it into the top 12, but it would be a fun argument to have. Casual fans would at least have a reason to care about them. The playoff will make the entire Top 25 relevant for a majority of the season, as opposed to the 5 or 6 teams that are relevant now.

Florida State Take: If Florida State finishes the season undefeated, they have to be let into the college football playoffs. I heard Brandon Walker say the other day that he thinks the playoff committee would consider bumping them for a 1 loss Alabama team, because Florida State's star quarterback Jordan Travis is out for the season. Do you think they would actually do that? I'd understand why. Alabama would make for a way better game than Florida State with a backup QB. But you just can't do that. That would be so shitty. You can't go undefeated, win the ACC, then be left out of the playoff. Also, something similar happened to Ohio State in 2014 and Cardale Jones won the National Championship. I don't think this FSU backup is Cardale Jones, but you can't rob them of a chance to find out

Heisman Take: If Jayden Daniels of LSU doesn't win the Heisman then the entire award is a sham. I know everyone has been saying this, and I think the voters are finally coming around, but it's worth repeating. Who cares if Washington goes undefeated. I love Michael Penix as much as the next guy, but he's just not even close to the same level as Jayden Daniels.

PAC-12 Question: This isn't a take. This is just something I heard and I'm having a hard time confirming if it's true. I've heard that since Washington State and Oregon State are the only two teams remaining in the PAC-12 after this year, they have secured "sole voting rights". 

Now I just can't imagine this next part is true. But somebody told me that Washington State and Oregon State now technically have to power to just vote themselves into the PAC-12 Championship game despite their records. Basically, anything Washington State and Oregon State say goes for the remainder of the year. I think they could just claim all of the PAC-12's money for themselves as well. That part actually makes sense, but if anyone can confirm or deny if they have the ability to vote themselves into the PAC-12 Championship, I'd like to know if that's real. Although the more I'm looking into it, this is the only tweet I can find on the matter, so I'm starting to think I've been lied to. Still an interesting and unprecedented situation.