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Aaron Nola Re-Signs Mega Deal With Phillies Which Should Keep Him In Philly For Life

Assuming Bob Nightengale's reporting is correct, which somehow is always a huge assumption, Aaron Nola is now a Phillie for life. Props to John Middleton and Dave Dombrowski for not giving a single hoot - AGAIN - and doing whatever they think needs to be done to win a championship. On a hometown discount, no less. Nola probably could've gotten over $200 million from somewhere and instead is coming back to Philly on a deal less than $25 milly/year - a STEAL for a Ace-#2 pitcher of his caliber and durability. 

*UPDATE: Nola confirmed came back to Philly for less.*

Look, I get some of the drawback. I'm one of many Phillies fans who consistently wait at the frustration station for Aaron Nola to get back into that Top-5 Cy Young shit. The inconsistencies, the 2-strike BOMBS, the final playoff loss (even though he SHOVED down the stretch up until his final game). I understand some Phillies fans who would've been OK allowing Nola to walk. But if you look at it...the grass really isn't greener on the other side. When it comes down to it, this deal is so, so, so much more safer than spending it all for 5'10 Yamamoto. He's better than Sonny Gray (who I still wouldn't mind in the rotation, somehow), Stroman, and any other FA pitcher on the market not named Blake Snell, and even then the 2-time Cy Young winner most likely won't be as durable and/or efficient over the next 7+ years as Nola. 

No excuses now. Nola has that Ace stuff. Time to figure it all out and bring it home.

PS - The Phillies are also working on extending Bryce Harper. Yes, you read that correctly. Bryce Harper, who is already on a deal thru the year 2581, might be getting an extension. And we should not question it one bit. Keep Bryce in Philly for the rest of this lifetime and the next.