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"I Just Came Here To Make Movies Though" LeBron Is Somehow Making Himself An Underdog Story And I Am Here For It

This is why LeBron is one of the funniest people to exist. The man is defying science as he is playing at 40 years old and dominating the league. He hasn't missed a step and I don't think anyone would say differently. Space Jam 2 was so bad that he is still trying to prove to people that he is good at basketball and didn't sell out for that movie. If anyone get shit online from trolls this should make you feel better because even the best athlete that we have ever seen is clapping back at trolls about being good at basketball. 

I don't know why people hate this guy, I get it if he beat your teams in the past but he makes me laugh because he lives in a whole different world. We do take his talent for granted but I get it, its fun to hate the best. Space Jam 2 came out so long ago and he waited until last night to drop this beauty and its like hey LeBron I don't think anyone doubted how good you are at basketball. It wouldn't surprise me if he was playing at 50 years old thats how good he is.