A Local Philly Radio Station Banned Taylor Swift's Music For The Weekend To Show Support For The Birds

Ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl 57 rematch game at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday, local radio station Q102 will ban Taylor Swift's music due to her relationship with boyfriend Travis Kelce, who plays tight end for the Chiefs.

"Q102 is punting Taylor Swift from the radio station for the entire weekend because while Q102 loves Taylor Swift, we can't get enough of her, this weekend it's really important we show our support for the Birds," said Q102 host Nugget in an interview with CBS News Philadelphia.

Now, I'm not even sure this Swift/Kelce family meeting at the Eagles/Chiefs game tomorrow is even going to happen anymore after Taylor having to postpone another show due to extreme weather last night, but I think this is hilarious. People are salty in the comments but this is rivalry!!! This is an older brother picking on his younger brother. This is silly and fun and completely harmless. 

....but it is kind of funny that Taylor is so far in their heads that they can't even listen to the music! Last I checked Taylor wasn't the one playing on the field?? She's not the one paying for the Chiefs franchise (though I'm sure she is making them more money than ever)?? She's not to blame for their success but we need to Footloose the whole city for 3 days just so the big bag wolf won't blow your house down? I expected stronger people in the city of Philadelphia.

Even Patty Labelle has boiled the entire Chiefs fandom down to Taylor Swift fans!

Nugget isn't the only Philadelphia native playfully taking aim at Swift, 33, for her affiliation with Travis, 34, and the Chiefs ahead of Sunday's game. In an interview on Friday's episode of The Tamron Hall Show, Patti LaBelle expressed a similar sentiment.

"You know what – let me say something. Taylor and all your ‘Swifties,’ back up boo-boo," said the "Lady Marmalade" singer, 79. "[The Chiefs are] going down. The Eagles are gonna win. It’s a done deal. So, I love you Taylor, but stay home."

Eagles fans are out here calling the Chiefs little teeny bopper girls. They don't even want Taylor in the building because they're worried that alone will make them lose. Yikes!!!! Good luck with those vibes!!! We'll just have to wait and see what happens. 

(For real tho, I'm rooting for the Eagles too, because despite my newfound love for Travis, Jason Kelce will always be my #1. GO BIRDS)