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I Can’t Stop Laughing At This Reporter Getting Shut Down By Shaq

So this is the F1 Grand Prix party in Las Vegas and before we go any further apparently the reporter is Martin Brundle, a famous F1 driver. I was told respect his name. 

With that said, absolutely just hilarious Shaq has no time for the interview but then even funnier the way Brundle immediately turns into the college kid at the bar/ club looking for a girl to talk to or dance with and having no luck. We’ve all been there you walk into the L part of a bar or dance floor section see it’s slim pickens and turn right back around with your head between your legs. Absolutely humbling experience. 

Even funnier… Brundle saying “I’ve had a good career” . Lights out line. Cannot stop laughing at it. Just an all timer. Somehow he wins the video. Amazing spin for him. 

On the bright side at least Shaq didn’t curse about the Refs.