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College Football Might Be Tough To Watch But Thats The Best Part About It

The thing about this tweet is that he is very much right. When I watch college football on Saturday I don't sit down and say "I can't wait to watch some good football!". That is why we have Sundays and to be honest it's not that good on Sunday either, but I now think good football is a little overrated. 

College sports are the best because you have young kids on a huge stage that make some of the dumbest mistakes of all time but you also get so much raw talent that it's exciting to watch. You get boneheaded plays but you also get some of the greatest moments ever. It's the perfect mix.

For actual NFL guys I can understand not loving it it because they are used to the best of the best, but I love watching college sports for CHAOS. For the unexpected. 

Like, these are kids are worrying about nonsense in their life like what parties to go to, and all the drama that comes with going to college. Bakhtiari is going to get ripped to shreds on this tweet because college fanbases are the craziest people to walk this earth, but it doesn't make him wrong. If you went to a big school it becomes your personality (and your parent have to get a bumper sticker from there or you didn't actually go). 

What we really need now is David Bahktiari to sit down on a Tuesday and watch some Maction. I need his opinion on that product...he might end up loving it.