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UFC Fighter Ailin Perez Twerks In The Octagon And Announces Her OnlyFans Is Now Free After A Big Win

Ailin Perez just pulled out a gutsy win over Lucie Pudilová at the UFC Apex (in a fight she came into with a busted eye that only got worse and worse as it went on) and then one-upped her own performance with her post-fight performance! 

Of course, she hit her signature twerk as soon as scorecards were read - which they oddly cut to her young son for....

That made me a little uncomfortable.

....but then Perez followed that up by twerking on the cage - keg-stand style - right in front of the commentary team, which Brendan Fitzgerald seemed to LOVE!

Our guy was acting like a patron at the Bada Bing on a Saturday afternoon!

In her post-fight presser, Perez announced that her OnlyFans is now free (and it's not porn, it's art) - and then she called out Norma Dumont, as she believes they owe the fans a battle of the asses….

Ailin Perez is like a character straight outta Vince McMahon's Attitude Era - you can see why she's quickly become a fan favorite among the UFC audience. I wouldn't be surprised if she calls out Dumont for an old school Bra-And-Panties match next. No disrespect, of course. That's just something I'd expect her to do.

We gotta get Ailin on OnlyStans with Glenny Balls to discuss her side hustle soon - which you can check out here….