Texas A&M's All-Walk-On Kickoff Team Forced A Fumble When They Got In The Game Against Abilene Christian

Some things. It hasn't been an easy week for the Texas A&M football team with Jimbo Fisher's firing and massive buyout being the talk of college football, but in their first game of the post-Fisher era, the Aggies have the feel-good moment of the day.

Nothing gets the people going like walk-ons making plays. The reserves getting playing time are usually more noticeable in basketball when you have a Power Five school -27 and a kid who seldom gets to play jacks up a three-pointer up 28 instead of running the clock out and the SoCon opponent lays one in as time expires, but I digress. A&M made sure to highlight its all-walk-on kickoff team and those kids definitely made the most of their time on the field.

I guess some people get excited when guys at the end of an NBA bench get in during blowouts, but this is one of those things that really only college sports can provide. These guys are paying for their own school and putting in the same practice and film hours that the starters are, all on top of having the responsibilities of normal students and usually never get their moment to shine. It's good to see the Aggies have a cool highlight this season.