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The Big East Being The Bullies Of College Basketball Is So Back

Oh fuck yeah. Nothing gets me going like a coaching scuffle in the handshake line. Mind you these two are close friends, but that don't mean anything. This is Big East basketball. You think you can foul Seton Hall in a 20-point game with 30 seconds to go and get away with it? Think again. 

Here's really what's going on though. The Big East being the bullies of basketball is back. We had this yesterday: 

Forearms to the face? A coach refusing to lose a handshake? This is old school Big East. This is what it used to be when Georgetown was actually decent and Syracuse was relevant. This is old school Big East when they had the big boys in the paint laying people out. No more talking about the Big East being a soft conference that can't play defense and just be awesome offenses. The new Big East is sick of shit and coaches and players are letting everyone know. 

That said, if you can't laugh at a coach shove in a handshake line, I don't want to know you. That will always be funny. I don't even know what that move was. Holloway sort of pushed him but also just tugged his shoulder out. I love it. Give me guys losing their mind over a 20-point game in the handshake line. Think twice before fouling Seton Hall again.