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Miami OL Francis Mauigoa FLATTENED a Louisville Defender for the Block of the Year

For my money, there is no better highlight in football when executed perfectly than an offensive lineman getting out in space and just flattening a defensive back. A clean, hard tackle is a close second, but there's something about seeing a big fella hit the open field like a heat-seeking missile and send someone flying that gets your blood pumping.

Miami freshman five-star OL Francis Mauigoa led the way for a Brashard Smith touchdown run and just demolished a poor Louisville player en route to the end zone. Mauigoa makes contact at the 23-yard line and the UL defender landed at the 16. He took him out of that play and the next several for good measure.

My favorite part of the clip is that Mauigoa was looking for someone else to hit before his first victim hit the ground. If there was another player in white between him and the goal line, that guy would have suffered the same fate. That's a football player.

You better get off the tracks when the No. 61 train is coming.