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Please Do Not Watch PFT's Field Goal Attempt To Win $250K For Charity

PFT to win a quarter of a million dollars for a Harrisonburg food bank live on College Gameday...

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Tough scenes. Everything on the line and that ball went further right than a JMU frat guy at a Turning Point conference. As someone who has held balls for PFT before, though, I will give him this: Kirk Herbstreit did him no favors with the hold. That ball is leaning.

There are also reports of hurricane force winds on the ground in Harrisonburg. I can't confirm these reports, but you have to assume they're true given how far off that kick was. PFT doesn't miss like that from 33 yards out.

I have no doubt PFT would have made a second one. Unfortunately, he'll just have to live with that attempt forever. Hopefully his picks go better than the field goal segment.