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Respect The Grind ... California Bears Basketball Coach Mark Madsen Watches Film On Public Transportation On The Way To Games

Absolutely love this. Talk about a guy committed to his work. On the way to the Montana State game, Mark Madsen just locked in with preparation and film review. How can you not love it? Show me a guy who works every waking hour, and I'll show you a winner. 

(Does quick research on the final score) 

Montana State 63 Cal 60 

(Scrambles for a spin zone) 

Listen, he knew this game was going to be a war and he did everything he could to win the game. This isn't about the coaching staff, the game is won by the players. Maybe if his players put in just as much effort as their coach, they would have hit the 2 shots they needed to win. I bet they slept the night before the game, I bet they scrolled their phones, I bet they could have put up a few more jumpers, I bet they could have read the scouting report one more time. This ain't about the staff. The staff was prepared, the players lost the game. Madsen is committed to winning, can't tell me otherwise. 

It's also very funny that of all the personalities, and names in this amazingly insane sport, that it was Madsen who got pictured doing this. Having grown up in the 90's and 2000's seeing that Lakers dynasty, you will never hear or see Mark Madsen and not think of him being every uncle ever at a family wedding. 

Go bake some fresh bread big guy ... 

Final word, how hilarious would it be if there's an alternate angle from behind him and it's cooking recipes or he's catching up on a season of Bones ?