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Jordan Poole Had One Of The Most Hilariously Terrible Games After Rubi Rose Bet The Over On His Points Total

Rubi Rose is a model/rapper/IG star. She has recently attended a couple Washington Wizards games for god knows what reason, but it's always hilarious when she does because we get hilarious tweets such as 



As it also turns out, she bet the over on Jordan Poole points.



Now, if you've followed the NBA, the Wizards, or this blog this year, you would know Jordan Poole stinks. Absolutely stinks. But with Rubi in attendance betting his points over, surely he would have a great game, right? Well…do you remember in like 5th grade when you tried to play basketball in front of your crush and air balled layups? It was basically that:



My heavens to Betsy! That's our Wizards, baby! Absolutely the stinkiest cheese in the dairy aisle. I love them, but my god Jordan Poole is such a joke. He ended the game with 8 points on 2/11 shooting, including 0/6 from 3. Hopefully Rubi leaves him on read tonight.

I'd prefer the Wiz just let him go and give young guys more playing time instead of his stink rubbing off on them. If we're going to suck, let's at least not suck like that. It's funny, no doubt. But c'mon, we gotta have some dignity as a franchise. Funny though. Very funny. But enough will be enough at some point.