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Drake Unlocked The Nuclear Bomb Kill Streak On "Scary Hours"

The year is 2009, MW2 just dropped, and you and your boys are spawn trapping at terminal to unlock the legendary 25 kill streak Nuclear Bomb. I was always a shitty gamer so I never had the honor of dropping a nuke on an entire map, but I've been apart of one, and it was electric. Everyone dies, and the game ends. Drake killed everyone last night; Kanye, 69, Pusha T, some back up QB, and pretty much every girl he cut ties with. 

Drake went 6/6 and didn't miss a single shot. He also paid his respects to Taylor Swift which is a big deal for this company.

If you need a song for your Friday night pregame, look no further than "You Broke My Heart." Don't let the title fool you, this is far from a song that makes your eyes water. Instead, it's a song that'll set the tone for the rest of your night. I can promise you that you will hear this song every time you go out for at least 6 months. 

Hearing Drake and J Cole trade bars together is like watching Wade and Lebron throwing each other lobs. Dr.Sweets said it best it's Drake, J Cole, and who ever else wants the bronze medal at the podium. 

And it'd be a disservice if I didn't shout out Drake for telling the whole world that James Harden stole someones bitch.

If you haven't listened to Drakes "Scary Hours" you need to. There's no skips and an infinite amount of bodies caught. Drake has out done himself once again and has showed everyone that he still is and always will be the GOAT.