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Someones Dad Was Having The Time of His Life Last Night Smacking Some Girls Ass At The Ravens Game

One of my biggest fears in life is getting old. Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing an old man eating breakfast by himself. As a young pup, it's hard for me to see the silver lighting in getting old. Your body doesn't work like it used to, you walk slow as fuck, you can't drive, but most importantly your dick doesn't work like it used too. But this video right here gave me all the hope in the world. You're only as old as your mind. This dad had an opportunity of a life time. A nice fit bird turns around and starts throwing it back and his response was perfect. I thought he was going to take the moral approach; dance with her, spin her around a couple times, and sit back in his seat. But instead, this mother fucking beast bought in and went back in time. The Baltimore Ravens won the game, but this man won the night. Not only did he get to smack that ass like he was upstairs at tootsies, but he saw his team open up a can of whoop ass on a division rival. I guarantee you this man was smiling from ear to ear on his walk back to his car. Some people are going to kick him in the dick and call him a piece of shit, but I'm not one of them. Instead, I've decided to dedicate my entire Friday night to him. If I can promise you one thing old man, tonight, I will smack some ass, in honor of what you did last night. God bless you.