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Embrace Debate: Is It Harder To Graduate From Harvard Or LSU?

On today's Pardon My Take... RYAN FITZPATRICK AND ANDREW WHITWORTH! The duo stopped by our new Chicago office last week to break down all of the biggest storylines in the NFL, TNF On Prime, what they miss from the the league, quarterback and line play, and tons more.

One of the most documented nuggets about Ryan Fitzpatrick during his playing career was that he went to Harvard. In almost all of his games, you'd usually hear a broadcaster throw Fitzpatrick's alma mater's name in there. On the flip side, Andrew Whitworth played his college ball at LSU. So between the two schools, where is it harder to graduate from?

The crew debated that on today's show. Take a look...

If you are a student at Harvard, the courses are very tough, you have to be very smart, and you have to be ready to study a ton. If you are a student at LSU, you have the distraction of Fred's (great bar), SEC game days, and the rest of the party scene that is Baton Rouge, in addition to all of your academic responsibilities.

So, where do you think it is harder to graduate from? Harvard or LSU? Check out our full show on YouTube below: