The NCAA Presented Michigan With Evidence That A Booster Helped Fund The Sign-Stealing Operation And An Assistant Coach Tried To Destroy Computer Evidence

Yahoo — The NCAA presented the University of Michigan with new evidence this week, including that a Michigan booster may have at least partially funded Connor Stalions’ advanced scouting operation and an assistant coach allegedly participated in the destruction of evidence on a computer after the scandal broke, industry sources tell Yahoo Sports.

The revelations altered Michigan’s and Jim Harbaugh’s legal approach.

Both the school and Harbaugh dropped an attempt to secure a temporary restraining order against a three-game Big Ten suspension. A hearing had been scheduled Friday morning in Washtenaw County (Michigan) Circuit Court.

The school also announced that linebackers coach Chris Partridge had been “relieved of his duties as a member of the Michigan Football staff.”

Multiple sources say that Partridge is not alleged at this time of knowing about the advanced scouting by Stalions, but acted after the fact to cover up evidence. Sources tell Yahoo Sports that a booster - named in the NCAA report as "Uncle T" - helped fund the scheme, giving Stalions thousands of dollars for expenses.

Well, well, well. It may come as a shock to many of you, but it turns out the elaborate sign-stealing operation that led directly to sudden and unprecedented success for the Michigan football program wasn't being run by one analyst making $50,000 a year. My trust has been violated.

I would have paid very good money to have been in the room when the NCAA presented this evidence to Michigan. They went from playing the victim and vowing to exhaust every legal avenue available to begging the Big Ten to drop the rest of its investigation if they accepted the three-game suspension — and the school will still have to deal with whatever punishment the NCAA hands down, which will certainly be far worse than what the Big Ten levied. Quite the turnaround!

Today was supposed to be UM's injunction hearing against the Big Ten and instead Harbaugh has accepted his suspension and the Wolverines have fired their linebackers coach. What a difference a week makes. It's rare anyone says this, but what a great job by the NCAA.

I just feel disgusted that Michigan would lie to all of us like this. Does being a Michigan Man mean nothing anymore? Sickening.