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Solid 1-Year Run: Netflix's 'Quarterback' Is Apparently Using Amon-Ra St. Brown In Season 2 Because So Many QB's Turned Them Down For Whatever Reason

Well that was a solid 1-year run of Quarterback. Not sure how you can call it Quarterback when one of the three people featured is, you know, noted wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown. Don't get me wrong, St. Brown is an interesting dude, but the whole point of the show was to focus on quarterbacks. Instead we had a bunch of them turn it down for a variety of reasons: 

I actually liked season 1 too! Hilarious that Marcus Mariota made the cut, but everyone started to love Kirk Cousins because of it. You had the star in Mahomes and the guy just trying to find a role in Mariota. It was a good trio and I knocked out the season pretty fast. Thought it was good to see how quarterbacks operate at 3 different levels. I don't get why people refused to do it, it shouldn't be that hard to find 3 somewhat entertaining people out there. 

I know everything and everyone has a documentary these days. But there's something that felt different about this specific one. Maybe it's because we don't 'see' football players as much. They have their helmets on, press conferences are usually nothing and that's it. We got to see Mahomes train, Kirk's home and Mariota try to figure it all out. That's how a documentary should be following the most important position in sports. 

Back to St. Brown. I get it, but like, he has his own podcast. We hear his takes and get to know him pretty well just from clips that are always on the Internet. I also don't know how you can call it quarterback anymore. You gotta come up with a different name. It was a good 1 year run.