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Got To Respect This Guy Stopping A Village's 200 Year Old Bell Ringing Tradition So He Can Get Some Sleep

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MetroUK- The bell of a church which has chimed for more than 200 years has now been silenced after a neighbour complained they were too loud. One angry resident in Beith, Scotland, said the bell of the parish church was interrupting their sleep, and now the 24-hour ringing has been halted. 

Every time a bell rings, a man in a Scottish village loses his mind. A 200 year old tradition dating back to 1810 is officially dead after one guy complained his sleep was being affected by church bells ringing throughout the night, every hour on the hour. I respect the hell out of this. I'm sure this guy is now considered "The Karen" of this Scottish Village, but he's 100% correct. 

In the year of our Lord 2023, why are people depending on church bells to keep track of time? Ever heard of a cell phone? Shit, the first pocket watch was invented 300 years before this church bell tradition started. During the day, I see no problem ringing a bell, ring the hell out of them every 15 minutes if you want. I'm not trying to put the village hunchback completely out of work,but who the fuck wants to hear bells ringing at 4am? Not only is it loud and annoying, bells tolling in the middle of the night is creepy as fuck. It's like the setting of an Edgar Allen Poe story. 

When I lived in Indianapolis there was a church near me that would start chiming it's bells every weekend at 7am. This was not ideal for Ol' Hungover Vibbsy, but at least in the middle of the night the church had the decency to go on silent mode. Little did I know I'd soon be living in NYC where there is a traffic jam outside your window at 1am with people laying on their horns because apparently New Yorkers don't have manners. Some mornings the construction crews will get going on early on the job, for once, and start jack hammering the street apart at 5:30am with the sound bouncing off the towering concrete buildings to create an effective but unpleasant alarm clock. It could always be worse, but I can somewhat relate to this guy in bumblefuck Scotland. Nothing worse than moving into a village to get some peace and quiet, only to have the church ruin his life. Unfortunately for this guy, he may have to find another feudal age village to move to because the villagers are doing the only thing there is to do in a village, grab their pitchforks and create an angry mob. 1,200 villagers from the town have signed a petition to get the bells back up an running again, and it looks like they are going to win this fight.