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'This Is A Life We've Chosen' - Nebraska Is On The Verge Of Being Elite Again With Matt Rhule Comparing Coaching College Football To Being In The Mafia

Goddamnit, football coaches are the best. This is where the brain goes and it really only happens with football coaches. You won't see a baseball manager channel his inner Hyman Roth. Mind you this is talking about Nebraska trying to become bowl eligible and winning at Wisconsin. Matt Rhule won't have any of it. Life or death like you read about. 

He's not exactly wrong, that's for sure. I mean there are only a couple of coaches who can get away with life and end on their own terms. We're talking about the Saban's of the world. But Matt Rhule? He knows he'll get whacked a time or two during his life. He's just trying to live man. 

This is what I'd want to hear if I'm Will Compton or another Nebraska fan. No more Blackshirt talk, no more option or Tommie Frazier or anything like that. Nope, I want to hear about your coach thinking he's in the mafia because he's coaching college football. That's how you get through to your players. Shit, if Arkansas can watch Polar Express at halftime I fully expect at least an episode of The Sopranos on this week for Nebraska. Set the tone with a quote, finish with a movie. Coaching 101 right there. 

This is just another example of why I always want press conferences to happen. Sure most of them are stupid and pointless. We rarely get anything valuable out of there, but if Matt Rhule is going to go on mob tangents, I'm all in. Need him to keep getting more ridiculous with his quotes or at least show up dressed like Tony Soprano after this week. All I know is Nebraska might be back. Forget the record, we got mafia quotes leading the way.