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HOW: A Stanley Tumbler With Ice In It Stayed Completely In Tact In A Burning Car And Now The Company Is Replacing The Cup.. And The Entire Car

It's a Feel Good Friday here at the Barstool headquarters in NYC. By that I mean there's a total of six people here, and we've built somewhat of a rapport of making Fridays fun again. Pete is walking around the office scoffing at how disgusting this place is while he builds a twenty million dollar mega factory in Chicago stocked with luxury hotel-grade diffusers, filtered air, a basketball court, industry standard kitchens, and things you couldn't even dream of having in Manhattan. Our internet still isn't fixed for the record. My sources (per Charissa Thompson) say it'll never be fixed. But at the end of the day, working in this office certainly won't be worse of a day than Danielle from TikTok whose car burnt down and is now going extremely viral.

And in true feel good fashion, Stanley did the marketing play of the year and offered to replace the Kia-orange burnt color cup with a new one ... and a whole new car. The replies are filled with people who are saying they're going to go buy their first Stanley because of the nice gesture in a move that will probably generate the revenue of 100 cars. Love the honesty by the founder telling people not to burn their cars down because he's absolutely not going to do this again. We're doing this Good Samaritan shit one time and one time only. Humanity can be a beautiful thing sometimes!

The social media part of this robotic brain is smiling at the likely entry level employee who works for Stanley who immediately ran to the higher ups and told them they had an absolutely genius idea that is a win/win for everyone involved. I haven't seen that level of genius guaranteed media exposure since Portnoy became a Swiftie. Different strokes for different folks.

And for the record, the only other tumbler on the market that would withstand through the fire and flames (TM) is the one from Out & About that is conveniently 40% off right now:

I've got cars to purchase too.