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Ain't A Conspiracy Anymore: The NFL Is Now Investigating The Bengals For Trying To Hide Joe Burrow's Injury, Could Lose A Draft Pick

So in case you missed it, yesterday before the game we had people freaking out over a possible Joe Burrow injury because of a video the Bengals posted and then deleted: 

We know what happened. Burrow started the game, had to come out and never came back in. The hand/wrist was messed up and he couldn't even grip the ball. Lip readers are saying he heard a pop: 

Again, I want to stress that's lip readers saying it. We don't know the extent of the injury, we just saw what happened: 


I say all that because the NFL is now investigating the Bengals. Listen when you start talking about gambling and everything else, you have to properly list guys on an injury report. If there's an injury you can't hide it. That's why the deleted video took people freaking out and started going around the Internet like wildfire. You have one of the faces of the sport in a cast of some sort out of nowhere. 

Yeah, no one wants to see an injury. Nobody wants to do the guessing game on how serious it is. But if he's fucking injured going into a game, you gotta let people know. That just seems like common sense but the Bengals did not. They tried hiding it. The video they posted before deleting it is only drawing more interest into what was known going into the game. 

I don't think the Bengals will actually lose a pick because Goodell only punishes certain teams. But a fine? Yeah, that seems about right. I don't think it's too much to ask to have an injury report that makes sense out there. It's 2023. People gamble, just watch one NFL game and you'll see all the commercials for it. Can't be trying to lie to an audience that guys aren't hurt. I don't think that's a crazy thing to say. 

Here's what needs to happen though. This investigation needs to be public. I don't trust the NFL or Goodell to do this right. I don't trust the Bengals after that video. You need to make this public so we can see what the fuck is going on. Like I said it's 2023 and gambling is legalized everywhere, so you need to have some sort of rules and regulations in place.