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"We Suing!" Jada Pinkett Smith Publicly Denies That Will Smith Used To Get Piped Down By His Friend Duane Martin

Source - Jada Pinkett Smith is doubling down on denying Will Smith hooked up with Duane Martin -- but going a bit further now ... saying there hasn't been a whiff of this with any dude.

The actress put her foot down yet again on the gossip in NYC on Wednesday -- not long after she told us she and her hubby planned on suing. In response to being asked if the Will and Duane chatter was baloney ... she simply said, "Absolutely" ... reiterating her initial denial.

However, when the photog here asks a follow-up -- namely, whether she's seen Will with any man (obviously meaning in a sexual nature) ... JPS emphatically shoots that down as well.

Of course, her being firm echoes what she told us Wednesday as well ... namely, that the Smiths would be taking legal action against Brother Bilaal -- and possibly others -- for floating the unsubstantiated story that explicitly mentioned gay sex.

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Okay question: What does Jada Pinkett Smith actually do? Seriously. She walks around like she's god's gift to earth and I'm genuinly confused as to why. You dated Tupac in the 90s and made like one halfway decent movie - relax. I guess I just don't understand the allure of a woman who walks around with a scowl on her face while repeatedly embarrassing her husband every chance she gets. Jerry wrote a blog on it that I linked below if you need more background...




That said, I love that she alluded to the fact that she's "never seen it happen." Leaves the door open jussstttt enough so that people can still run the story. The entire thing is probably fake considering it was leaked by all time piece of shit//disgruntled former employee Brother Bilaal but still, makes ya think. Here'e the teaser for that convo if you want to lose a few brain cells..

Maybe this will be the event that finally brings Will and Jada together. Probably not, but maybe. That said, I can confidently say that Jada is going to milk this story for everything it's worth because that's the type of person she is. Any publicity is good publicity baby! That's it for this one. Thanks for reading.