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Nobody Out Snake-Pizzas The Hut

Last week, a Pizza Hut location in Hong Kong teamed up with one of the city's oldest restaurants to offer a snake meat pizza.

It's only available until November 22nd, and locals believe that snake meat (which has a similar texture to dry chicken and is usually served in stews) helps with any skin conditions AND helps improve blood circulation.

This is from a continent that casually fries scorpions for a snack, roasts frogs stuffed with peanuts over hot coals, uses the saliva from bird’s nests or parts of a shark's fin to make restorative soups, and rodent has long been considered an Asian delicacy... In Thailand rat costs more per pound than chicken and pork.

And what kind of asshole eats rodents?...

I've eaten snake in the past… It's okay.  It is relatively low in fat and calories, high in protein, and some consider it a rising star in the food industry alongside crickets and something called "tempeh."  

My wife tries eating snake a couple of times a year (Father's Day, my birthday, Juneteenth, etc.) but refuses to swallow it.

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If you're in Hong Kong over the next couple of days, give it a try and lemme know.

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