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If You Send Nathan Fielder A Drink At A Bar, He'll Send You Back Mayonnaise

Hilarious. Mayonnaise is probably the funniest thing to send back to someone at a restaurant who just sent you a drink. 

 BUT, right off the bat, I'm going to inform you I have no clue which of the Jonas brothers is sharing this story. Nothing makes me feel older than not knowing celebrities. I do know there are 3 of them, and Joe Jonas is one of them. I could google which one this is, but that would mean spending 8 seconds of my Friday researching the Jonas Brothers. Not gonna do it. 

I do understand one of the brothers is going through a messy divorce with the girl from Game of Thrones, and this for sure could be him. Posting to social media to let your ex know you're doing fine is a strategy that would make Napoleon himself smile."Me? Sad about the Queen of the North leaving me and trying to take the kids back with her across The Pond? Never. I'm out at the bars doing whacky bits with Nathan Fielder." Strong chance this is him. 

HBO. Shutterstock Images.

This is definitely not the middle brother that started acting. I know because I recently watched the Jumanji reboot (which was surprisingly good, while the sequel to the reboot was the biggest pile of meh) with The Rock, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and the middle brother who was enjoyable in his role. I guess I have a favorite Jonas brother?

Then there is the youngest Jonas brother who I know nothing about except for the fact that the other two brothers had to drag his ass around for years while they were a band. No idea what he looks like now that he is an adult, so this could be him in the video. None of that is important, what is important is Nathan Fielder is a perfect weirdo in public. 


Nathan For You is an all-time great show. Fiedler is so dead pan that I will actually laugh out loud while watching. My favorite moment from the show is the episode when a convenient store owner asks if Nathan would like a bottle of his grandson's piss. I think this is the only time in 4 seasons of the show that Fielder broke character. 

I never finished The Rehearsal because the awkwardness of Nathan Fielder made me feel so uncomfortable, that I had to stop watching. Which is why I'm hesitant to watch Fielder's newest show, The Curse, co-starring Emma Stone. It's a scripted show, so hopefully it won't be as cringy as some of the moments in the rehearsal, but I'm sure it will have its moments. After all, Nathan Fielder is the perfect weirdo on screen and in real life.