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Shout Out Gio Reyna And Ricardo Pepi - Once Again Showed Gregg Berhalter Is An Idiot Who Needs To Be Fired, Saved The USMNT From Being A Laughing Stock

Gonna do some talking soccer here for a second because, well, last night was almost the lowest point since we missed the World Cup. Why do I say that? We're playing Trinidad and Tobago in the Nations League. Actually, let me clarify a bit more. We were playing at home against Trinidad and Tobago, who ended up with 10 men before halftime and we were tied until the 82nd minute. I know, I know. No Pulisic, but this was still our guys who we play in the biggest of moments. 

I gotta say I really found myself confused for a second. Because Gregg Berhalter is ruining this team, he never should have been brought back and frankly should have been fired at halftime for being tied. But I don't want us to lose. Not like we can tank for another player or anything like that - plus I don't trust the US Soccer Federation to make the right hire and decision anyways. 

So, sure, consider me happy when Ricardo Pepi did this in the 82nd minute: 

He changed the match. McKennie and Reyna were probably our two best players on the field last night, not exactly shocking, but Pepi came in and just disrupted shit right away. That's something he's been doing since .... you guessed it! Gregg left him off the World Cup roster. 

After Pepi scored we really just poured it on quick, which is big considering we play Monday at Trinidad and Tobago in the 2nd leg. You know how much I want to avoid playing a game at Trinidad with moving on being the case? Just nightmares back to the 2018 World Cup. So shout out Jedi Robinson for the backflips: 

And Reyna did his thing: 

Do you know how bullshit it is for Gio and Pepi to be saving Berhalter's job? Don't get me wrong, if you lose at home to Trinidad and Tobago you should be fired. I understand players have to make plays, but the tactical setup was a disaster again. Gregg just overthinks everything before luckily our talent wins out against some subpar teams. This shit won't work at Copa America next year, which is an event we need to show up for. But leave it to a guy who couldn't get off the bench and a guy left at home to save Gregg's job. It's time to move on. Stop holding back this actually talented generation we have.