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Glen Powell Working Out, Straddling Sydney Sweeney, Makes Me Pray For Her Fiancé Or Ex-Fiancé


Yesterday at work, I opened Sydney Sweeney's IG story and could not believe what I saw. I showed everyone at work. We got into a debate if she was still engaged or not. I said there's no possible way she is still engaged. Others said nope, she is, she's just an actor. What is the IG story that has me convinced there is no way they are still engaged? Here it's worse than you even think:



That is not a clip from the movie, that is just Sydney and Glen Powell hanging out! And she put that on her story! If she is still engaged to John J Rando, he must be the strongest man in the history of the world. Or he is like, whatever, I still get to bang Sydney Sweeney. Let me tell ya, I'm not a jealous guy, but there's nobody on EARTH who wouldn't be jealous of THAT.

And never the mind their entire movie is just them fucking, more or less.


Obviously when it's a movie, it's acting. It's whatever. But when he's working out over you with his ab sweat dripping onto your face…that's ummmm…that's something else man.

So god bless her fiance. Or ex-fiance. Either way, this man needs our thoughts and our prayers.