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We Have Found The Single Most Obvious Targeting Call In The History Of Targeting Calls

Targeting has become more and more frustrating and divisive rules in sports. It obviously comes from a good place. You don’t want to see guys get hurt. I’m all for player safety, but it’s very inconsistently called. I’m not the first person who brought this up, but I don’t really understand why they aren’t levels to targeting like there are too flagrant fouls in basketball. This is why I should be running the NCAA. 

In tonight‘s game against Pitt, Boston College cornerback Khari Johnson committed a targeting penalty that was so obvious you'd swear that the guy almost did it on purpose so that he could miss the rest of the game. 

I’m going to run with the belief that this guy lost his fucking marbles for a second and that he’s not a dirty player because this is crazy obvious. Lead with the head? Check. Launching himself at another player? Check? Helmet-to-helmet contact? Triple check. This may very well lead to a suspension.

This is a big loss for the Eagles. Boston College is currently trailing Pittsburgh, a team that is so desperate for a win that they’ve resorted to gimmicks like having a jar in their facility that their players can put their negative thoughts in. If any good comes from this, I feel like a good way of discovering the competency of an official is whether or not they think this is targeting. You could literally put a picture of this in the targeting dictionary.