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Shohei Ohtani Stamps His Ticket To Cooperstown And Becomes The First Player In MLB History To Win 2 Unanimous MVP Awards

As if there was any question at all as to who was going to win MVP, it's Shohei....in a landslide.....again. He's won 2 MVPs and both have been unanimous, something no other player in baseball has ever done. Not Willie Mays, not Hank Aaron, not Babe Ruth, not Ted Williams, not Barry Bonds, not Ken Griffey Jr., not Marty Cordova, not Mike Trout. Ohtani continues to make history day after day. He also missed the last what, 5 weeks of the season? He's 29 and already cemented himself as a first ballot Hall of Famer. Incredible. 

You see the numbers, and those are only in 135 games. He could have flirted with 60 if he didn't get hurt and miss the end of the season. But still had an incredible year on both sides of the ball, dominating as a pitcher, incredibly dangerous as a hitter. He's worth the price of admission every single night. 

He's had this award wrapped up for months, it was basically about who was going to finish in 2nd and 3rd and that was Corey Seager who was amazing all year and his teammate, Marcus Semien. AL West with some DAWGS this year with J-Rod and Kyle Tucker finishing it out behind them. This was Ohtani's award to win the entire year and honestly, no one was even in the conversation with him. When you do what he does on the mound and at the plate it's flat out unfair. But that will change this next season as he won't pitch and will only continue to smash dingers as a hitter due to the surgery. He'll also most likely be on a different team this season, he's a free agent who is going to get a lottttttt of money from someone. Boston? Chicago? Dodgers? Mariners? Giants? Someone is paying for a future HOFer coming off his 2nd unanimous MVP, lucky them. 

He started the baseball season by striking out Mike Trout in an incredible at-bat in KFC's favorite event ever and ends the season with more hardware. Even with the injury, what an awesome year for Shohei. Now we tune into the most anticipated MLB free agent of all time. Going to be a circus watching this guy in the winter and where he goes. He's already the most talented player we have ever seen and somehow he is still doing things that have never been done, we are all blessed to live during the same period of time as Shohei. 

PS. Have to love his dog being like "They have to give you another award during my nap time?"