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A New Era: Rick Pitino Is So Jacked Up After Beating North Texas He Claims He's Going To Have His First Beer In 10 Years Tonight

Let's add this to the list of things Rick Pitino has for sure never told a lie about. No way he's gone 10 years without a beer. I know he's probably a wine guy, no doubt in my mind Rick Pitino drinks red wine, you're telling me all these years he's never cracked a cold one? It's the manliest thing you can do: 

This is just the new Rick Pitino though. He's talked about how he's kinder and nicer to players now. He's talked about how he's laughing finally. Now he's becoming a beer guy. Listen, I watched the game against North Texas. It sucked. I mean it was close, it was fun in that aspect. But the offense was gross. 

It doesn't matter. It's a win over the reigning NIT champs. That's how you deserve a beer in my personal favorite city in America, Charleston. You know he's just ready to hit up King Street and be blown away that there are new labels or even local beers. He doesn't care though. He won an ugly game in the first round of a MTE, that matters. That matters because it's always year 2 that Pitino really blows up with a team. That's when they get good. So if he can just hang around, get some wins and be a Tournament team in year 1, it's a success. That's how bad St. John's was. 

But 10 years? Come on, Rick.