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Jim Harbaugh Has Accepted His Three-Game Suspension From The Big Ten

Well this is quite the twist from Michigan's promise to exhaust every legal avenue possible to overturn Jim Harbaugh's supposedly grossly unjust suspension. After a week and just a day before a scheduled hearing on the school's injunction against the Big Ten, Harbaugh has accepted the suspension in favor of the conference ending its investigation. The NCAA could still levy more punishment, however.

This is what Michigan should have done from the start, honestly. If all you get from the Big Ten this season is a three-game (gameday only) suspension for years of brazen cheating, that's a massive win. Sure, you'd rather have Harbaugh on the sideline for the Ohio State game, but the hay is in the barn for the most part for head coaches by the time the game kicks off. And anything further that comes from the NCAA could be after the Wolverines have won a national championship and Harbaugh is coaching the Chicago Bears. All things considered, this is a resounding win for Michigan.

The most unfortunate part of this is we now won't get to experience a UM-Big Ten hearing with Judge Timothy Connors, a Michigan graduate and former law school lecturer. That opinion would have been worth a read.

Now we just have to wait and see how the Wolverines play against Ohio State in the game of the season without their head coach on the sideline. Sherrone Moore might have a mental breakdown postgame if they win that one.