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"Connor Bedard Might Be Better Than We Thought"--Wayne Gretzky

I am blushing. Giggling. Bursting. The greatest ever to do anything is saying that our beautiful boy might better than advertised. Incredible. Nobody has ever been hyped up more than Bedard and Wayne Fucking Gretzky says we didn't hype him up enough. 

People always reference "welcome to the NHL" moments. Bedard's welcome to league was that meat grinder of a schedule he went through the way Gretzky detailed. I think the NHL's "welcome to Bedard" moment was this play against Tampa

This was a heat check play. Instinctual genius. Stick left, no look toe pass, with a finish at the end of the play. An "I am just better than everyone" move. If he's doing things like this 13 games into his career then maybe Gretzky is actually right. The offense is great, but the attitude is what excites me. You need a little "fuck you" in your game to be a true super star in the NHL. Bedard has that confidence and swagger. He's not going to get bullied or intimidated out there. The kid is truly special and I can't wait to watch him again tonight.