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The Big 12 Will Be Having A WWE Title Belt For It's Conference Championship Game MVP Which is AWESOME

ESPN- WWE and the Big 12 have formed a new partnership around the Big 12 championship game that will include a custom-made championship title belt going to the game's most outstanding player.

The new pact will include blended Big 12-WWE logos on the field at AT&T Stadium, a new Big 12 merchandise line and WWE superstars presenting the most outstanding player belt and participating in events around the title game, which takes place Dec. 2.

Hip-hop star Nelly will perform at halftime.

Yormark has spent much of his career working in the sports entertainment world, coming to the Big 12 from Jay-Z's Roc Nation, where he served as CEO and president of business operations and strategy.

 WWE also finalized licensing agreements with all 14 SEC programs to create championship belts with each school's logo on the side plates.

We need more of this. This is awesome. There's very few things in sports that I think everyone agrees are awesome. Almost everything in sports, someone is bound to find a detail that they say "sucks" about something. It's an unfortunate reality, but one we have to live in. Everyone slams on something before ever really giving it a chance, or they decide too many people like something and decide to zig while everyone else zags. 

The one thing I think everyone can agree on is championship belts are cool. Boxing and Wrestling have done a great job of having an iconic "trophy" for their champions. Everyone respects the belt. Hell, Aaron Rodgers made the belt celebration iconic, 

and then got trolled by everyone by doing it in his face. 

NBA players have incorporated it over the years.

Moral of the story … everyone loves a belt and The Big 12 is elite for doing this. Plus in 10-20 years, when the MVP of the game is retired from the NFL, or more likely working for Enterprise as the NCAA continually reminds us. 

What will be cooler, a dusty trophy that probably has pieces broken, or a prominently displayed championship game MVP belt ? You tell me which one you rather hear the story about.

Well done Big 12.