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Mitchell Robinson Wanting To Get Pet Ferrets (To Go With His 19 Dogs) Shows He's The Perfect Amount Of Crazy That The Knicks Desperately Need

You know what? This is what I want to hear about Mitchell Robinson. I need to know that he had pet sugar gliders until his cats killed them. Fuck cats. But it all adds up to Mitchell Robinson being the right amount of crazy the Knicks need. It also makes sense when you remember some of the past headlines of Mitchell Robinson is basically him complaining about doing cardio instead of playing basketball and not getting enough touches. Those are annoying, but now we know Mitch is a ferret guy and it checks out.

Think about the Knicks history. When we were good? We had crazy. Oakley, Mason, Starks, Childs, Sprewell, JR, etc. You need a little crazy on the roster to balance out Josh Hart, Jalen Brunson and Immanuel Quickley. I feel way better about the Knicks despite the slow start knowing we have a guy with 19 dogs. That's not crazy, dogs are fucking awesome. Plus they aren't all in one place. 

[Post] - If you’re wondering how that’s possible, Robinson keeps them in his two homes, one in New York, the other in Louisiana.

He had eight rottweilers — including the eldest, a homebody named Kodak — and eventually that multiplied with puppies.

There’s also a lab and a golden retriever

Oh fuck yeah. We're talking a great breed in a lab, especially since I have a chocolate one, plus a hodgepodge of dogs. That balances out the sugar gliders (RIPIP), cats (dumb) and ferrets (certifiably crazy). It's what I want my starting center to be like. It's no secret the league is different now. You need a rim protector, you mostly want a bunch of versatile wings. Well guess what? That center better be the crazy guy. I need to know if Mitch is willing to put other people in chokeholds and if Friday Night Lights (show version) taught me anything it's that ferret guys will get physical. 

We're back though. Forget the slow start. Forget Julius Randle being bothered by an injury to start the season. It all starts now, especially since we just found out we have crazy on the roster. This also only works for Mitchell Robinson. Can't have other guys on the roster be ferret guys.