We've Got a Much Better Trailer For The Sydney Sweeney + Glen Powell Upcoming Sex RomCom And They Still Want Us To Believe They Did Not Have An Affair

Gabe Ginsberg. Getty Images.

We've got a new trailer for the upcoming Sydney Sweeney Glen Powell romcom that's coming out next month. Unlike the first trailer which resembled some bizarre combo of Euphoria and Fifty Shades of Grey, this one is more what we thought the movie would resemble. Two extremely hot people in a dumb, funny, romantic movie. We all know how it ends before it even starts, but we'll still watch like the mindless idiots that we are. 

Looks awful. I cannot wait to sit down and watch it once it hits streaming. 

The really funny part out of all this is how Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell still want us to believe nothing happened between them while filming this movie. He addressed the affair rumors the other day and chalked up all the craze as part of the gig.  

“When all that stuff happened, you know, publicly, it felt disorienting and unfair," Glen told the magazine. "But what I’m realizing is that’s just a part of this gig now.”

Reminder, Powell's relationship with his girlfriend Gigi Paris ended during filming as an affair was rumored to be going on. 

But again, absolutely nothing happened ;)

Oh yeah just two pals hanging out. 

I have no idea how Sweeney's fiance Jonathan Davino is still around. The only explanation is that he's just cool with all of this and they have an understanding. Either that or he's the most gullible, trusting man in the world.

Charley Gallay. Getty Images.

 I don't know how you can see all those videos come out, witness Powell's girlfriend leave him, have Powell's ex unfollow Sweeney on social media, and just believe they were all being professionals. 


I guess when the person you'd be leaving is Sydney Sweeney you hang on longer than normal. Understandable. She can do what she wants.